Tiny Atlas Quarterly, Tokyo, Emily Shur

Tiny Atlas Quarterly magazine was founded by Emily Nathan, Jake Huffman and Liz Mullally in 2012 with Deb Hearey joining soon after. The magazine began as an extension of our collaborative work as professional photographers, designers and photo editors, but it was created on a very personal level. It’s where we shared all the places we loved to travel ourselves, as well as how we liked to see our own backyards. Today, helmed by Emily Nathan, Tiny Atlas is known for a signature visual style specializing in telling rich, beautiful stories that unfold through images, art, and personal accounts.

Tiny Atlas Creative Services offers the highest quality travel and lifestyle content. We support brands and destinations with social media strategy and engagement and we help clients reach influencers, extend their awareness, as well as build and increase community engagement via social media, events, influencer trips and more.





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Mr. Robbie Woodward or Ms. Flora Bertetti
at Ohana Communications


Image by: Emily Shur